Frisbee Launcher-We set out to build a device that could repetivly launch frisbees into the air. We wanted to create a frisbee launcher because we wanted to make a project that would enable an ultimate frisbee player to develop their skills. Similar to how a tennis player uses a tennis ball launcher to practice hitting the tennis ball this project allows an ultimate frisbee player practice skills such as cathing and blocking a frisbee.  

     Geothermal Air Conditioner-We chose this project because we wanted to show the applications of engineering in creating an environmentally friendly air conditioner. Because it uses soil, this project is able to cut down on fuel use meaning that this project has a very low effect on the environment. We came up with the design of this project based off of a previous project that a group member had made which was similar to a geothermal heat pump. We believe you should vote for this project because it provides an alternative and safe source of air conditioning versus a normal air conditioner. 

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